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Jennifer Sutton for Issaquah City Council

Elected Officials

Cyrus Habib

Senator, 48th Legislative District

Chris Roberts

Council Member, City of Shoreline

Kate Kruller

Council Member, City of Tukwila

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Community Leaders

Sallee LaBonte

Tracy Marts

Oliver McMillan

Jennifer Morales

Shawna Ousse

Thomas Pitchford

Barbara (August) Rakita

Jason Richie

Bill Ramos

Robyn Scola

Diane Lundeen Smith

Dean and Dorothy Willard

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Di Alexander

Mike Barer

Mariah Bettise

Brian Daggett

Erin Dawson

Rob Dolin

Gary Fancher

Gloria Hatcher-Mays

Essie Hicks

Captain and Mrs. David Irons

Di Irons

Karl de Jong

Becky Lewis

Megan Gustafson Melloy

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Tola Marts

Council Member, City of Issaquah

Ava Frisinger

Former Mayor, City of Issaquah

Kim Allen

Council Member, City of Redmond

Gael Tarleton

Representative, 36th Legislative District

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