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Jennifer Sutton for Issaquah City Council


New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

I am running for Issaquah City Council because I have a deep belief in public service, something I learned from my mother, a third generation school teacher. My Grandmother owned a flower shop and my Grandfather often took unsold flowers to nursing homes. He brought me along to show how small gestures can be incredibly meaningful.  My Grandmother gave generously of her time, including teaching adults how to read.


My family is the inspiration for how I move through the world.  


In various roles – a staff member, a volunteer, an advocate – I have been involved in policy making. I am inspired by leaders who genuinely listen to their constituents’ concerns and who are honest about what can be done to accomplish great things. The best solutions to community challenges often arise from within the community. My commitment to you is that I will listen to your concerns and advocate for a healthy Issaquah.


What do I mean by a healthy Issaquah? We can have a City that embraces good development while keeping careful stewardship of our open spaces, historic legacy, and character. A City that offers something for everyone – accessible government, family-friendly community events, thriving businesses, and a commitment to help those in need. A healthy Issaquah is a place where those who work here can afford to live here, and where people who commute to other cities have transportation options that get them where they need to go quickly and at a reasonable cost. Healthy means advocating for our citizens when working with regional partners.


I believe in having strong Connections with the residents of Issaquah. I believe in Advocating for our community both on the City Council and at the regional and state levels. I believe in Leadership as a public service.


I want to be a leader on the Issaquah City Council, and as such, will advocate for you both in Council and at the state and regional level. These are the essential ingredients for a healthy Issaquah.


Some of the places where I have learned good lessons in leadership:


- Master of Public Policy, major in State & Local Policy, Pepperdine University

- Issaquah Human Services Commission

Commissioner, 2013 – 2015

Vice Chair, 2015  Present

Issaquah Sister Cities Commissioner, 2014 – Present

King County Conservation Voters, Boardmember 2010 – Present


Other activities include service for the Center for Women & Democracy, fundraising for nonprofit organizations, and other regional , county, and statewide activism.

Jennifer Sutton for Issaquah City Council

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Jennifer Sutton for Issaquah City Council
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